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2016 10 Most Promising EMR/EHR

InSync EMR & PM Software

Enhance patient care with InSync's fully integrated easy-to-use cloud-based healthcare IT solutions, that help your practice maintain compliance and increase profit and productivity. Let us show you how InSync can better serve you and your patients and grow your practice.

Client Testimonials


Our transition to ICD 10 has been seamless, particularly compared to other medical practices in town. I hear that even some large practices were in chaos, having to create new accounts for every patient, etc. Please thank the Insync team for me!”
Caroline Curlin, Ph.D., HSPP Licensed Psychologist Director and CEO, Center for Psychological Development
“Quick and positive actions such as the ones you have shown add value to the EMR company you represent. I want you to know your EMR support team is the best I have ever seen in my more than 20 years in the healthcare industry. My hats off to you all -thank you so much.”
L.A Oliverio, MD Enterprises, Inc.
“My name is Debbie and I work at The Chiropractic Nutrition Center. I am writing to just say thank you for being so awesome in returning calls, emails, and just being there for general help every time I need it. This is something we have not had with the last 2 billing software companies we have had.”
Debbie, The Chiropractic Nutrition Center
“When looking for an electronic medical record system that could meet the demands of our growing practice, Insync stood out as a user-friendly and affordable option. We achieved Meanignful Use in December and were able to pay for it with the Meaningful Use funds.”
A Dean Mire, MD, E. Tennessee Primary Care Associates
“I am extremely impressed with the Insync RCM team, in particular the way my account manager has handled our account. The monthly meetings are a great way for us to bring everyone up to speed and to discuss the progress made on our KPIs. Keep up the great work!”
Dr. Harold Tsai, Fort Myers Urology

InSync Software Solutions Overview

  • Electronic Medical Records

    Improve the quality of clinical care with a cloud-based, user-friendly Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solutions.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Increase collections and decrease rejection rates. Our team of seasoned experts provides a consultative relationship with each client.

  • Medical transcription services

    Fully scalable to any size practice, allows providers to further automate their workflow while remaining HIPAA-compliant and enhance patient care.


  • Practice Management System

    Increase practice productivity with a practice management system that fully integrates with InSync's EMR modules.

  • PM/EMR Value Added services

    To complement its existing PM/EMR solution, InSync offers a number of easy, fully integrated system add-ons which are available for an additional fee.

  • OCR Card Scanning Technology

    Improve efficiency with optical character recognition (OCR) technology to eliminate the need for providers to manually enter patient information.


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